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We pride ourselves on producing trusses to the highest standard; that's why we use imported European high-class timber, such as Norway Spruce and Pinus Sylvestris (also known as red baltic), which are both known for their high density, lineal growth pattern and are almost knot free!

By using timber from these tree types means the trusses we produce are strong, secure, and are bow-free.

Fast. Affordable. Reliable.

At Sunbury Wallframes and Trusses we not only supply wall, roof and floor trusses but we also supply specialist stock to assist with production on site.  Please see below for a list of products we stock;


- iBeams

- Wall braces

- Sheet flooring

- Solid section flooring

- Ancillaries

- Timber Floor Adhesive

- Construction Adhesive

Floor Trusses
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