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As well as using Timber webs for floor trusses, we also provide metal webs, known as the posi strut floor joist.

The posi strut is know for being a lightweight construction joist, which means they're easily handled on site.


Similar to the timber web trusses, the open steel webs of posi struts structure means cabling and pipework can flow through the floor truss without a problem. . 

As the building industry evolves its become more complex, with the desire to now incorporate things such as; under-floor heating, air conditioning, plumbing systems and multi room internet access, therefore your choice of floor truss becomes crucial.

At Sunbury Wallframes and Trusses we can design each truss to suit your specific needs.  Our open truss system provides easy access for installation of air conditioning ducting and pipe work, and our high quality timber product can support heavy loads.

As we only use MGP12 timber (which exceeds the Australian standards) our floor trusses are known for their high quality sturdy structure and resilience to damage that can be caused on site.  For more information on the Timber we use please click here.  

Using timber webs mean there are no restrictions to how large the truss can be.  The most common truss height varies between 250cm and 400cm, however, we are able to accommodate any size trusses to suite your specific requirements.

Timber Floor Trusses

Posi Strut Trusses

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